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Time Flies

I belong to a small group of solo game developers on Discord and Kai playtested my game recently and immediately found a bug. It turned out that time was accelerated when the game started. I looked into the issue this morning and finally got it fixed. The weirdest thing was the issue only appeared on the version, it did not show up in either the Editor or my personal test web server. Needless to say that made troubleshooting the problem harder as I had to change the code, build the game, and deploy it to itch just to see if I fixed it. Ugg. I uploaded a new version just a bit ago. With this new version comes a few new shortcut keys as well.

Shortcut KeyPurpose
Left arrow keyPrevious location in the same zone
Right arrow keyNext location in the same zone
Up arrow keyPrevious exploration zone
Down arrow keyNext exploration zone (note it currently is blocked by empty zones)
JJump time by the user entered amount
New Shortcut Keys

Play the latest version of Treasure Hunter: Quixxen’s Suit now.

Upcoming Features

I am working on the Adventurers feature, which act similar to the managers in the original Matter of Scale game, except rather than being random you will be able to spend experience points to pick their skills. I hoped to have enough to share by now, however, my day job and the feature itself have conspired to together so that it’s taking much longer than I expected. I can share a sneak peak of the Adventurer’s panel where you will manage your adventurers, it’s still a work in progress as I don’t have anything wired up behind the scenes.

Adventurer's Panel - Work In Progress

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Jul 18, 2020

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