Treasure Hunter: Quixxen's Suit

An idle/incremental game where you go on quests looking for the pieces of the legendary Quixxen Suit, a magical set of equipment said to make its wearer superhuman.  Adventure in different biomes, accomplishing quests, and looking for clues to find each piece of the Suit.

Shortcut Keys

ActionShortcut Key
Complete QuestC
Open/Close ResearchR
Encounter 11
Encounter 22
Encounter 33
Encounter 44
Encounter 55
Encounter 66
Encounter 77
Encounter 88
Encounter 99
Encounter 100
Encounter 11-
Encounter 12=

Core Gameplay

You pick a location from an exploration zone on the left.  Initially, you start with only one location.  In the quest display section, center screen, you complete encounters that ultimately allow you to finish the goal of the quest.

Once you complete the quest by clicking the goal button, you are rewarded with research points for that zone, a new map if you are adventuring in the Plains zone, and a map fragment for the next higher zone.  It takes 6 map fragments to put together a full map, only with a full map can you explore that location.

You can use the research points to optimize your questing in various ways.  Please note, only a handful of techs exist at this time.  I plan to add more over the next few releases.

In a future release, I will add adventurers that you can assign to specific zones.  Each adventurer will have skills they know or can learn.  These skills will also allow you to optimize your questing.  Please note, I'm still designing this feature and it may change over time.

Development Status

On 4 July, I released v0.1.3 alpha 4.  I consider this a middle alpha build, I have most of the core features in place and none of them are perfect, so yea that sounds like an alpha build to me.  :)  I have two major features left, Adventurers and a second prestige system, and lots of little details to fill out.

I removed the Windows version with this release.  I had not opened the Windows version since the first release and when I did this time I realized it really didn't scale well.  To many overlapping components.  I'll work on fixing it in the future, it'll be good practice for future games.

Check out my blog, WeirdBeardDev, to read about my thoughts about game design and development, and stay up-to-date on all my game progress.

Known Issues

As this is an alpha build there is limited content and I imagine more than a few bugs.

  • Autocomplete goals run slow when catching up for offline play (or Jump Time), it's not 1:1
  • Offline catch up time is not working 100% in WebGL, for really large offline time values it makes the game run either to  slow or to fast
  • No new artwork, I got some updates but did not get them into the game yet
  • Right sidebar area is not designed
  • There are only 6 goals right now
  • The cost and rewards are not balanced yet
  • Balancing will begin in earnest when the game is in beta
  • The goal difficulty has been lowered to make testing easier
  • Add a Jump Time feature (for alpha only) to make testing easier
  • WebGL version lists encounter 12 cost as 9,999,968 when it should be 10,000,000 (this displays correctly in the Unity Editor)
  • Removed the Windows version as it is not displaying correctly

 Let me know if you have an suggestions or run into bugs.

Life's an adventure, what's your quest?

Updated 5 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Tagsidle, incremental
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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I love this, you need some autoupgrades. I think you are modelling this game somewhat on an old favorite idle of mine. But can't remember the name.

You have villages/hamlets with sheep and after finishing a certain number you get a town etc etc. 

Are you still working on this one?

First off, thanks! My game was inspired by Matter of Scale. I plan to put out an update later this week. I implemented offline progression over the weekend, it has some quirks that I’m trying to figure out. This week I’m adding in the autoupgrade techs. Once that’s out then I can work on Adventurers.


Well yours sure looks better than matter of scale and I'm looking forward to updates. 

Keep up the good work :)

Thanks! I’m making slow but steady progress.


Nice concept. It'd help to have "buy multiple" option, because right now it's too much clicking.

Thanks for your feedback and that that is leading the pack in most requested features. 😀