Alpha 5 Released - Adventurers

Adding Adventurers

In a long overdue update, I finally got a chance to add adventurers to the game. Adventurers gain experience for each quest completed in their assigned zone. As their xp builds, you either spend it on improving their skills or gaining levels. As adventurers gain levels they will get additional skill slots and can train all their skills to higher levels.

I currently have 12 named adventurers, however, only the first one, Byrant Templeton, has a skill. The others will get skills as I add more to the game.

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Other Improvements

I added a new currency, topexx crystals, that is used to hire adventurers. The first adventurer is free, and can be assigned to the free slot in the Plains zone. In a future release, I will add a research item to enable more slots in all the zones. Eventually you will be able to assign six adventurers per zone, and each adventurer can have up to six skills. So I have lots of work to add those in.

I updated the encounter icons and added three new encounter types for a total of six types.

  • - combat encounters
  • - trap encounters
  • - puzzle encounters
  • - deliver item encounters
  • - explore encounters
  • - gather resources encounters

These encounters will enable me to create more interesting quests, research, and skills.

Next Up

I feel comfortable with this version as a baseline, so next I will improve the features that I have, rounding out the research, skills, and then work on balancing. Once I have a decent balance I will turn off the time jump capability and do a saved game wipe. I will make sure I announce it before I do it.

Life’s an adventure, what’s your quest?

Full Patch Notes

Major Improvements

  • Added Adventurers feature
    • added 12 named adventurers
    • added demo skill to Bryant Templeton
    • add placeholder graphics for the adventurers
    • read more about this feature below

Finished Items

  • General

    • added topexx crystal currency - currently used to hire adventures
    • added new encounter icons to the game
      • there are 6 types of encounters - combat, trap, puzzle, deliver, explore, gather
      • this will enable a variety of new goals based on encounter types
    • fixed a typo in reset confirmation message
    • fixed an instance of the time speedup bug when the game is reset
  • Exploration Zone

    • redesigned header for each zone to include adventurer display
  • Quests

    • added topexx crystal rewards to completing quests
    • created a formula to reward topexx crystals based on total wingits earned per quest
  • Adventurers

    • removed all placeholders for adventurers
    • created panel to display adventurers and skills
    • created adventurer display
    • created skill display
    • created a way to hire adventurers
    • added 12 named adventurers
    • added demo skill to Bryant Templeton
    • add placeholder graphics for the adventurers
    • created a way to assign adventurers to specific zones
    • created an overall adventurer manager class to track every hired adventurer
    • created a zone adventurer manager class to track adventurers assigned to specific zones
      • each zone can have a max of 6 adventurer slots
      • the Plains zone gets the first slot for free when the first adventurer is hired
      • all future slots will be purchased through the research interface (this is not implemented yet)
    • adventurers gain experience when quests are completed in assigned zones
      • with enough experience adventurers can gain levels (xp not spent)
      • levels grant additional skill slots to a max of 6 slots
      • the max skill level is the adventurers level + 3
      • skills can be improved by spending experience points (xp is spent)
  • Technical

    • created default templates for MonoBehaviour and Unity C# Objects
    • rework Load, Save, and Reset to incorporate adventurers and skills
    • updated to TextMeshPro v2.1.1 to fix an issue with the TMP_Dropdown
    • refactoring selecting a location to fire an event
    • implemented preselection / selection events for the adventurers

Known Issues

  • The cost and rewards are not balanced yet
    • Balancing will begin in earnest when the game is in beta
  • Autocomplete goals run slow when catching up for offline play (or Jump Time), it’s not 1:1
  • Offline catch up time is not working 100% in WebGL, for really large offline time it makes the game run either to slow or to fast
  • Game artwork is not consistent yet
  • Right sidebar area is not designed
  • There are only 6 goals right now
  • The goal difficulty has been lowered to make testing easier
  • Add a Jump Time feature (for alpha only) to make testing easier
  • WebGL version lists encounter 12 cost as 9,999,968 when it should be 10,000,000 (this displays correctly in the Unity Editor)
  • Removed the Windows version as it is not displaying correctly
  • The Next Zone shortcut does not jump empty zones
    • For example if you have a 3 Plains quests, 0 River quests, and 1 Swamp quest, you can’t use the Next Zone shortcut to go from Plains to Swamp.

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